How To Keep Track Of Wages

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How To Keep Track Of Wages
How To Keep Track Of Wages

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In accordance with article 129 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the head of an organization is obliged to pay his employees wages at least twice a month. Its size is negotiated and prescribed in the employment contract when applying for a job. Operations for the accrual and payment of wages should be reflected in the accounting records.

How to keep track of wages
How to keep track of wages


Step 1

Calculate employee salaries first. To do this, use the timesheet (if pay is time-based), orders (if piecework) and an order. When calculating, take into account the regional coefficients. If your area has a northern surcharge, calculate the amount. Indicate the accrued amount in the payroll (form No. T-51) or in the payment and settlement document (form No. T-49).

Step 2

Reflect payroll on the credit of account 70 "Payments with personnel for wages", open analytical accounts for it. In debit, indicate the account that relates to the nature of the work of the staff. Let's say you pay salaries to the management staff, in this case, to the credit of account 70, open account 26. If the employee is connected with the sale of products, reflect the accrual on the debit of account 44.

Step 3

Withhold the amount of personal income tax (income tax, 13%) from your salary. Flip the transaction by wiring: D70 K68. Note that you need to withhold tax on the entire amount, that is, taking into account surcharges, coefficients and premiums. If you are withholding an advance issued earlier, reflect this in accounting as follows: D70 K50.

Step 4

Pay your wages. This can be done in several ways: in cash from the organization's cash register, to the employee's account, and in physical form. If you issue funds from the organization's cash desk, make the entry: D70 K50. If you transfer to the employee's current account, reflect the correspondence of accounts: D70 K51.

Step 5

Sometimes an employee cannot receive wages on time, in which case you have to deposit the amount, that is, "freeze". In the accounting, reflect this with postings:

- D70 K76.4 - the paid out wages were deposited on time;

- D51 K50 - the deposited amount has been deposited to the bank.

When the “frozen” amount is issued to the employee, make the entry in the accounting: D76.4 K50.

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