How To Get A Job In A Nursing Home

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How To Get A Job In A Nursing Home
How To Get A Job In A Nursing Home

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For many Western retirees and disabled people, nursing homes are commonplace. They willingly move there in the hope of finding an interesting group of peers and proper care. Unfortunately, our country cannot boast of the same level of service and care for senior citizens. And getting into a nursing home is not so easy.

How to get a job in a nursing home
How to get a job in a nursing home


Step 1

First, a little theory. According to the law, elderly citizens and disabled people who have partially or completely lost the ability to take care of themselves on their own, who for health reasons require constant medical supervision, have the right to social inpatient services. Only pensioners can enter the nursing home, i.e. women aged 55 years and older, men 60 years old and older and people with disabilities, usually of the first or second group of disability.

Step 2

Social security authorities work personally with the applicant himself, a retired person who has expressed a desire to move to a nursing home. Relatives can only apply if the person is completely incapacitated.

Step 3

First of all, write a statement to the territorial social security and protection office. The application indicates a request to register in a boarding house and an obligation to transfer at least 75% of the pension to the account of this institution.

Step 4

Get ready for a visit from a social worker who has to inspect the living conditions and conclude that independent living is really impossible.

Step 5

Go through a medical board, the results of which will show that you really need constant care and are not able to provide this care on your own.

Step 6

Take a certificate from the house administration about the composition of the family and the state of the personal account. Contact the territorial office of the Pension Fund for a certificate on the amount of the accrued pension.

Step 7

Provide the collected certificates with the social protection authority and await the decision of the special commission in the city Social Security Committee. By the decision of the commission, you will be given a voucher to the nearest nursing home. Please note that it can take from a week to several months to resolve the issue and collect information.

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