How To Find A Court Decision

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How To Find A Court Decision
How To Find A Court Decision

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The decision of the court is usually handed over to the participants in the process. But what if you need to know information on a case to which you are not directly involved? In this case, the Internet can help.

How to find a court decision
How to find a court decision


Step 1

Currently, the Russian Federation has a law “On providing access to information on the activities of courts in the Russian Federation”. According to it, the courts must publish the texts of judicial acts on the Internet as soon as possible, which allows anyone to find out about the work of courts of general jurisdiction: to obtain data on judicial statistics, cases in question, information on the final result of the trial. However, this law blocks access to those cases that were conducted behind closed doors or affected the security of the country. You will not receive a court decision in the case of family law relations, for example, the adoption of a child, sexual inviolability and some others. This ensures that privacy and privacy laws are not violated.

Step 2

The judgment can be made without your presence if it was previously postponed due to the absence of one of the parties. If the court is provided with evidence that the other party did not appear at the hearing purposefully and deliberately without any valid reason for this. In this case, the trial takes place in the presence of only one party. Also, the search for court results may be required for those who have transferred their rights to attend on their own behalf to a lawyer or another person. As a rule, the results of the hearing are sent to the party by mail. But it is much faster to find out all the necessary information via the Internet.

Step 3

Thus, you can find on the Internet a conclusion only on a case that does not apply to cases prohibited from disclosure. If you are sure that your case does not belong to this, then first of all you need to know exactly where the hearing in your case was held. Go to the official website of the court you are looking for. It is easy to do this through the Yandex or google search engine. For example, the official website of the Moscow District Khamovnichesky Court is In the upper horizontal menu bar, find the item "Litigation" and click on it with the left mouse button. Then there are two options.

Step 4

You can enter the date when the meeting on your case was held in a special form and find the solution you need in the list that appears. By clicking on it, you will receive all the information you need. You can view the result of the hearing without even opening the full information. In the case table, the penultimate column contains the information "Hearing Result".

Step 5

If you do not remember or do not know exactly when the meeting was held, then click on the "Search for information on cases" button. In the window that opens, you must select the card index for the search. This can be the first instance, containing criminal, civil and administrative cases. In addition, you can choose from a case file or an appeal in criminal, administrative and civil cases. After selecting the desired podcast, enter the last name and first name of the person for whom the case was opened. In the advanced search options, enter all the information you know. This can be data on the case: the date of its receipt, the terms of consideration, category, judge, results, joining another case. You can also enter events on the movement of the case, third parties appearing in the court case, as well as the number of the executive decision on the requested case. All of these items are optional, but will help to significantly shorten the final list. After all the data has been entered, then click the "Find" button.

Step 6

If you do not know where the hearing took place on the case you are interested in, then enter the names of the participants and the number of the process into the search engine.Subject to Federal Law No. 262, the requested data will be brought to the court's website with information on the decision of the process.

Step 7

Use the help of sites that have databases of all ships of the Russian Federation. To search for a case pending in a court of general jurisdiction, go to The decisions of the Supreme Arbitration Court can be found at Having entered the required resource, select from the menu one of the proposed regions, the name of the court, the number of the case, or the surname of the participants in the process. Perhaps with its help you will receive the necessary information.

Step 8

You can find the official website of the court you are looking for through the state automated system of the Russian Federation "Justice" All federal arbitration courts as well as general courts can be found here. In addition, on the main page of the site there is a search point for the magistrate. You just need to select the item that you need. In the window that opens, enter the region where the court is located. In the list that appears, select the district to which the judicial authority belongs. Optionally, you can open the advanced search and enter all the data available for the search. On the website of the GAS RF, you can open an electronic reference located in the section of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. On the right side of the window that opens, there is not only reference information, but also lists of cases scheduled for hearing and the results of appealing legal acts.

Step 9

On the same site there is a database of judicial acts, where you can find a court decision on your case. In the left part of the window, select the base in which the solution for your process may be located. In the main window, type in all the necessary information into the windows specially designated for this: the name of the court, the subject of the Russian Federation, the case number and the date the decision comes into force. After that press the button "Find" and you will receive all the necessary information.

Step 10

If, for some reason, you cannot receive the requested court decision via the Internet, then, armed with your passport, visit the court where the hearing was held and ask for information there.

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