How To Make A Patent

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How To Make A Patent
How To Make A Patent
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If you think you have made an invention, you should definitely get a patent for it. However, this may take a while. Gather your strength and get started, inventor. Here is the scheme to follow.

How to make a patent
How to make a patent

It is necessary

New industrially applicable invention, patent application, money


Step 1

You can independently study all laws and acts that govern the procedure for granting patents for inventions, or you can use the service of professional assistance of specialists in this field. However, this will require additional material costs from you.

Step 2

If you chose the first method and decided to act on your own, then first make sure that your invention belongs to a number of those for which a patent is issued. Make sure it is new and industrially applicable. Situations often arise when it turns out that an almost formalized, patented invention already exists and belongs to someone.

Step 3

After that, make an application for a patent for your invention. Attach to the application your written statement, a detailed description of your invention and its formula, drawings (if necessary), as well as an abstract. Further, when the first step has already been taken, pay the appropriate fees.

Step 4

Submit your application to FIPS (that is, the Federal Institute of Industrial Property), where it will go through two stages of verification: formal examination and substantive examination. The second examination checks the "novelty", "inventive step" and "industrial applicability" of your invention - three main criteria that must be met in order to obtain a patent.

Step 5

If your application successfully passes these two levels of verification, hurry up to pay the fee (for registration and issuance of a patent). Now that you have passed all the steps, you will receive a patent for your invention with the exclusive right to use it. Remember that a patent is valid for twenty years from the date of filing.

Step 6

And one last thing: keep in mind that if your invention was an employer's job or you used his equipment, then your employer may not become the owner of the patent.

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