How To Wake Up At Work

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How To Wake Up At Work
How To Wake Up At Work
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A stormy night, sleeplessness, or maybe just a drowsy mood throughout the day … They make us nod at work, making it difficult to concentrate. I would like to find some miracle cure to wake up at one moment, and not sit with a heavy head, dreaming of taking a horizontal position. Especially if your boss has already made it clear to you that it's time to get down to business….

a cup of strong coffee is the best way to wake up
a cup of strong coffee is the best way to wake up


Step 1

The most active stimulant available is caffeine. Even if you prefer tea or mineral water to wake up, make yourself a cup of coffee. It is desirable that it be freshly brewed and strong. If this is not found, drink instant, but without cream and sugar. You can add a pinch of cinnamon to your coffee, it also awakens great. And for a snack with a drink, eat a couple of slices of dark chocolate or chocolate candy. You can keep these sweets in your desktop drawer in case you need to cheer up.

Step 2

You need fresh air. If possible, go outside for a couple of minutes or at least onto the balcony. As a last resort, open the window in the office and stand next to the window. The cooler it gets there, the better for you. Stand still, inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Along the way, do some simple gymnastics: head movements left and right, back and forth. Blink your eyes often. Finally, breathe in the air deeply and exhale sharply.

Step 3

It is unlikely that in the workplace you will be able to take a cool shower to wake up. But do not give up water, it is a very effective way of awakening. Wet your hands with cold water without shaking it off your fingers, and quickly rub your ears. If it is very hot in the office, it may also moisten the top of the head with some water. In the office, stand a little at the switched on fan to enhance the effect of the chill behind the ears, but do not overdo it, otherwise you will catch a cold.

Step 4

If you cannot leave the office, try to wake up the body with active movements in and around the workplace. Stand up, bend over to grab something from the lower desk drawers, or drop the handle and lift it off the floor without squatting. Then take a watering can and water all the flowers in the study. Sit on a chair, shake your head left and right, move your shoulders. Give yourself an acupressure: rub your temples and the area behind your ears with your index fingers, and vigorously run along the brow line.

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