How To Get To Interpol

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How To Get To Interpol
How To Get To Interpol

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Interpol is an international organization that investigates criminal offenses on an international scale. Legends of the consummate Interpol agents draw thrill-seeking boys and girls alike. Thousands of letters from enthusiastic young people from different countries come to the headquarters of the organization every year, asking them to be admitted to this organization as detectives.

How to get to interpol
How to get to interpol


Step 1

Get a completed higher education (preferably specialized - legal). This is a prerequisite for considering your candidacy for vacant positions at the National Central Bureau of Interpol.

Step 2

Complete compulsory military service (or complete training at a military academy). This item applies mainly to men.

Step 3

You must not be over 35 years old.

Step 4

Get trained at the police academy (it is desirable to have excellent academic performance) or, in other words, at the Academy under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is necessary in order to carry out their work in the Interpol division professionally.

Step 5

Learn foreign languages: French and English. French is needed for business correspondence with Interpol Headquarters, English for international negotiations. Learn to work freely and competently on a computer.

Step 6

Go through a medical board and get a clearance.

Step 7

Get positive feedback from your previous job.

Step 8

Prepare all documents in accordance with the list established by the rules for hiring at the NCB of Interpol under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Step 9

If you have any additional questions, please call: 719-74-91, 332-09-06 - National Central Bank of Interpol under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (Eremin E.V.).

Step 10

Get an interesting job in the Russian branch of the National Bureau, which is currently unique in its kind. It is part of Interpol, an international organization that successfully combats international crime and helps in the fight against international terrorism.

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