How To Get An Interview

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How To Get An Interview
How To Get An Interview

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Before applying for a job, the applicant will have to go through an interview with the employer. In practice, there are situations when, at first glance, successful candidates do not know how to behave in an interview and cannot present themselves correctly. Therefore, each job seeker, going to the interview, must prepare himself for the interview with the employer.

How to get an interview
How to get an interview

Recruiting agencies often complain that many candidates come unprepared for interviews with an employer. To successfully pass an interview, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • tell reasonably about your professionalism;
  • present personal characteristics;
  • know about the field of activity of the company, about competitors and about the industry as a whole;
  • study this market direction;
  • the right approach to the question of the compensation package.

Stages of the interview

Before the interview.

It must be remembered that good preparation for the interview is one of the factors that contributes to getting the coveted job. Reflect on the above points of a successful interview. Think about what clothes you will wear for the interview and what your interviewing style will be.

Contents of the interview.

Think about the key points of success in your professional life. First of all, tune in to the fact that you are worthy of this position and a job in this company. Of course, the employer must also be convinced of this. Define your "background information" and gradually disclose it during the interview process. Do not be afraid to return to her during the conversation.

You need to use this information when answering the employer's questions.

By the end of the interview, the employer should be convinced that you are the right person for the job.

Stick to a certain style of interviewing. Listen to the questions to the end, do not interrupt, ponder the question, it may contain a hidden meaning or subtext. Answering interviews should be short and to the point. Pay attention to the interviewer's reaction to your answers. Develop the topic and respond in detail where appropriate.

After the interview.

During the allotted period of time, try to get several business proposals from different companies.

Consider in detail all the offers you received.

Accept the one most compelling offer.

There are two types of questions that are especially common when recruiting candidates for the positions of business analysts and top managers during the interview process. These questions are most often used by large consulting companies when looking for professional candidates for leading positions.

The first option contains questions that are aimed at studying the general idea of ​​the applicant, his professionalism and personal characteristics, namely:

  • by what criteria will you determine that you are successful? Are there any specific examples when you have been successful in your business?
  • why do you think you are worthy of this position?
  • for what reasons, in your opinion, can a subordinate be fired?


The second type contains so-called "stress" questions. These questions are asked during the interview to explore the situation when pressure is on you. To answer these questions, you need to be able to cope with psychological stress:

  • have you carried out major projects?
  • how can you characterize our company?
  • why do you think you deserve this salary rate?
  • How many interviews did you go through before contacting our company?


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