How To Report On An E-ticket

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How To Report On An E-ticket
How To Report On An E-ticket

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Electronic plane tickets have become ubiquitous, which is not surprising. It is convenient to use them: you can purchase them online, and pay by credit card. It is enough to print out your boarding pass (and often it is not even necessary), and you can safely board your train or plane. But for those who go on business trips, you need to report on all expenses, so the question often arises of how to confirm the costs of an electronic ticket.

How to report on an e-ticket
How to report on an e-ticket

It is necessary

  • Boarding pass
  • Itinerary receipt


Step 1

The Ministry of Finance of Russia issued a letter dated 11.10.2007 No. 03-03-06 / 1/717, according to which, in order to justify your expenses, it is enough to present an electronic ticket printed on a printer (this is an itinerary receipt), as well as a boarding pass (issued by airport).

Step 2

The itinerary receipt must be sent to you by e-mail as soon as you pay for your flight. You need to print it not only for reporting, but also in order to present it to the airline employee at the check-in counter. Itinerary receipt is not always asked when checking in for a flight, but, according to the rules, you must have it with you.

Step 3

The boarding pass is issued by an airline employee as soon as you check in. This is a confirmation of the fact that you are flying. Moreover, without a boarding pass, you will simply not be allowed on the plane. Save it. Unlike the itinerary receipt, which is not always asked when submitting reports, a coupon will definitely be required to confirm the expense.

Step 4

Attach your itinerary receipt and boarding pass to your trip report and feel free to submit your documents to the accounting department. If financiers refuse to accept electronic tickets from you, they are breaking the law. Remind them of the Finance Ministry's letter about e-tickets.

Step 5

If you book an electronic ticket for Russian Railways, then to make it easier to confirm your trip, do not go through online check-in, but get your boarding pass at the ticket office. You can present it to the accounting department. If this was not done, then print out the ticket details by going to your profile on the Russian Railways website, there, in the history of your trips, find the one you need to report on.

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