How To Write A Part-time Application

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How To Write A Part-time Application
How To Write A Part-time Application

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You can set a part-time working week or day when an employee is employed and an employment contract is drawn up. In particular, a part-time contract implies part-time work. You can also reduce the amount of working time at the request of the employee due to certain reasons. Each application is considered by the employer on an individual basis, but some categories of employees have no right to refuse in accordance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

How to write a part-time application
How to write a part-time application

It is necessary

  • - application in duplicate;
  • - additional agreement or addition to the employment contract;
  • - order.


Step 1

In accordance with Article 93 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the employer cannot refuse to shorten the working day or working week for pregnant women, single mothers, fathers, guardians, trustees who have a child under 14 years old or a disabled child under 18 years old, minor employees. Working hours or working weeks should be reduced at the request of a disabled employee of the first and second groups, at the request of an employee caring for seriously ill relatives upon presentation of a doctor's certificate. With all other categories - only by mutual agreement.

Step 2

Part-time or shortened week work should be properly documented. From the employee, you need to receive an application in two copies, on which the employer puts his resolution. One copy remains with the employer, the other - with the employee.

Step 3

The application should indicate your request, refer to Article 93 or 92 of the Labor Code. The deadline for granting a shortened working day or week is also written. Part-time working hours can be established for a specific period or indefinitely, and a shorter working day and an additional shortened working week can also be established.

Step 4

On the basis of the application, the employer is obliged to draw up a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, issue an order in which to refer to the supplementary agreement. An entry is not made in the work book about the reduction of the working day or week. The mark is made only in the employee's personal card. Payment should be made based on the actual hours worked or according to the output (Article 93 part 3)

Step 5

Part 3 of the same article determines that the reduced working time does not affect in any way the next paid leave, on weekends and holidays. However, an employee is not eligible for an early preferential pension, since this benefit can only be granted in full-time conditions (Government Decree 516, Federal Law 27, 28).

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