How To Get A Job As A Firefighter

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How To Get A Job As A Firefighter
How To Get A Job As A Firefighter

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Earlier, my son's essay on the topic “Who I want to be when I grow up” seemed predictable. He dreamed of becoming a pilot, astronaut, sailor or firefighter. Today, there are not so many people willing to follow in these footsteps, at least in childhood. But still there are those who want to fight the fire element and think about how to become a firefighter.

How to get a job as a firefighter
How to get a job as a firefighter

It is necessary

  • - certificate of complete secondary education;
  • - medical certificate confirming suitability for service in the fire department;
  • - military ID.


Step 1

Get a degree in Fire Safety. Such specialists are trained in many universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia or in the fire service academies. The term of study is on average 5 years, but in 2 years 10 months you can get a diploma of secondary specialized education in the same specialty. Having such a higher education, you will be admitted to the fire department of the EMERCOM of Russia in your city without any problems.

Step 2

For admission to universities for the specialty "Fire safety" admitted to boys aged 17-25 years with secondary education. It is obligatory to have a certificate confirming fitness for service in fire brigades for health reasons. Entrance exams are held in 3 subjects: mathematics, Russian and physical education. If you are planning to pursue higher education, then prepare to pass also physics.

Step 3

Contact the HR department of the fire department in your city. If there are vacancies and your candidacy meets the requirements, you will be accepted into the state even if you do not have special education.

Step 4

Take training at a training center created by the city's Ministry of Emergencies. Here you can get the following specialties: firefighter-rescuer, dispatcher or fire truck driver.

Step 5

Receive a certificate of the established form on the completion of courses and the assignment of a particular specialty. By the way, already working firefighters are sent to this training center to improve their qualifications.

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