How To Write A Job Ad

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How To Write A Job Ad
How To Write A Job Ad

Video: How To Write A Job Ad

Video: How To Write A Job Ad
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Experienced HR workers know very well how important it is to correctly draw up a job advertisement. Subject to a high-quality study of the wording and specification of requirements, it will allow you to find exactly the employee who will best fit the vacant position and save time by cutting off the flow of obviously unsuitable applicants. And there are a few secrets to preparing a truly informative and effective ad.

How to write a job ad
How to write a job ad


Step 1

To get started, collect as much information as possible about the position for which you want to find an employee. Chat with the line manager who is in charge of the vacancy. Read the job description in order to accurately represent the range of responsibilities corresponding to the specified position.

Step 2

Start by identifying a position that can be named exactly according to the current staffing table. If there is a simplified name for similar vacancies on the labor market, then you can abandon strict adherence to intra-company staff documents and name it in such a way, as is customary in wide circles, so that the necessary specialists can easily find your vacancy.

Step 3

Indicate in the salary column the amount corresponding to the staffing table, but do not forget to inform about possible allowances and bonuses, indicating them in a separate line. Such an offer should arouse the maximum interest of the specialists you need. And do not overestimate the level of remuneration, so as not to mislead applicants, because all this will be revealed very quickly, and you will only waste time, alienate a potential employee and damage the reputation of the company.

Step 4

List very accurately the requirements your organization has for applicants. Age or appearance can be important here, for example, in the field of sales and services. This can be specialized vocational education (especially in technical specialties) or work experience. In this case, indicate all the features of your requirements, so as not to waste time studying the resume, unsuitable candidates.

Step 5

Inform the terms of reference proposed for the implementation of the specialist who will take the vacant position. This should be described as simply and clearly as possible, preferably according to the job description. In this case, the candidate will be able to preliminarily assess his capabilities in order to become a really effective employee in a new job or to give up claims for a job, realizing that he is unable to fulfill the listed requirements.

Step 6

Now all that remains is to indicate the name of the organization so that the applicant can prepare by collecting information about the company and clarifying in advance all the questions that can help him make a decision to send a resume. And do not forget to provide contact numbers, e-mail for sending a resume or requesting a questionnaire. In addition, it is advisable to indicate the name and patronymic of the person responsible for the selection of employees for the proposed vacancy, so that the candidate can contact a specific person in the personnel department without wasting time looking for the right person.