How To Pay Land Tax

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How To Pay Land Tax
How To Pay Land Tax

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A land plot, like any other object belonging to a certain person, is subject to taxation. And therefore, payments for it to the state must be made on time and in full. But not everyone knows how to calculate correctly and where to pay for it.

How to pay land tax
How to pay land tax


Step 1

If you want to simplify the procedure for paying land tax as much as possible, you need to choose the following option. Fill out all the necessary information regarding your property and you as a taxpayer at the administration of your horticultural office or cottage community. A prerequisite is that you must have in your hands a cadastral certificate of ownership of the land plot. The administration will formalize you as it should be and then they will send you receipts for the payment of tax at the right time.

Step 2

In addition, the tax service itself is obliged to send you a receipt-notification for payment of the duty once a year. It usually indicates the amount and the deadline by which you must fulfill your obligation to the state. If you haven't found such paper in your mailbox, call the inspection (or come in person) and find out how much you owe.

Step 3

You can find out about the amount of your accrual on the website To do this, you need to enter personal information in the proposed fields in the form of last name, first name, patronymic, as well as your tax identifier - TIN. After that, right on the site you will receive the necessary information.

Step 4

You can try to calculate the tax amount yourself. Since 2006, the state has changed the calculation rules and established the land tax rate at a certain percentage of the cadastral value of land. But this figure cannot exceed 1.5%.

Step 5

Paying the tax itself is quite simple. Moreover, you can choose any method convenient for you. So, for example, this can be done through a payment through a savings bank (the minus of this method is possible queues at the bank). You can also pay through a special terminal (there are many variations - you can cash, you can use a card). Optionally, Internet banking from your computer. The main thing is to remember that you need to make the payment on time, otherwise the tax office will begin to charge you a penalty. And this significantly increases the debt to the state.

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