How To Schedule A Working Day

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How To Schedule A Working Day
How To Schedule A Working Day

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The success of the workflow largely depends on a well-planned working day. Scheduling can be carried out by both the direct supervisor and the employee himself.

How to schedule a working day
How to schedule a working day


Step 1

Initially, you should study the specifics of the work being done. Define the main functions, the secondary ones.

Step 2

Distinguish between the things you should start with and end your work shift (take into account the time spent on planning meetings, lunch, breaks, meetings). Build a "skeleton" of functions, without which not a single day will do.

Step 3

When scheduling a working day, consider the length of the shift and the number of hours required to perform a specific function. It is best to take a photo of the working day. To begin with, you should record every step of the employee, record the time and location. This is a photo of an actual business day.

Step 4

Analyze the result. You may need to take a photo of not one, but several working days. This makes it easier to understand where more time is spent and how you can optimize your workflow.

Step 5

Determine which functions can be delegated, which ones can be added. This will help maximize your productivity.

Step 6

Create a rough draft of a photo of the employee's working day. Tell him to follow these instructions exactly. In no case do not leave it unattended. Track how the workflow is progressing. Make note of the points that need to be corrected immediately.

Step 7

A correct analysis of the situation and the conduct of experimental days will allow you to draw up an optimal working day schedule.

Step 8

Study the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The schedule should in no way contradict the legislation.

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