How To Find A Job In Switzerland

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How To Find A Job In Switzerland
How To Find A Job In Switzerland

Video: How To Find A Job In Switzerland

Video: How To Find A Job In Switzerland
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Switzerland is one of the most favorable countries for life and work, however, there are certain rules and requirements for foreigners, without which it will not be possible to get a job. Before looking for vacancies, you need to settle many documentary problems and go through the appropriate checks, which will subsequently allow you to get a job.

How to find a job in Switzerland
How to find a job in Switzerland


  • - a package of documents;
  • - residence permit


Step 1

Before looking for a job, prepare an appropriate package of documents (diplomas, cover letters and resume), since this is a very important point when looking for vacancies abroad. The availability of references and experience is one of the most key factors when applying for a job in Switzerland.

Step 2

Search for jobs on various recruiting websites, Swiss job search sites, and specific corporation websites.

Step 3

The priority when applying for a certain position will be knowledge of the German language, but there is an opportunity to find a vacancy only with English, especially if you have sufficient experience. Many companies require fluent German, but in many cases companies hire employees without it, as often German-speaking employees may not be suitable for many other requirements.

Step 4

Send out the maximum number of resumes, wait for new responses, do not stop in case of rejections. Try to find out the real reason for the rejection of your documents, because there is always a chance to fix something. Submit your resume on job search portals such as Monster or Dice. And before getting a real position, you will have to go through a large number of telephone interviews, after which you may be invited to the country for a confrontation.

Step 5

After concluding the contract, obtain a residence permit. Not every employer undertakes to draw up such a document, but you yourself will not be able to do it. In order to obtain permission, the employer submits proof to the Ministry of Employment and the Immigration Service that none of the Swiss and other foreigners residing in the country can take this position. The Immigration Service has certain quotas for different types of permits (seasonal work, temporary work and contract work).

Step 6

Once you have found a suitable employer who agrees to issue a permit, you need to discuss additional questions with him: who will pay for the trip to the country, who will pay for health insurance and whether someone will help in finding housing, and who will pay for it.

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