How To Set Off A Down Payment

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How To Set Off A Down Payment
How To Set Off A Down Payment

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An advance payment is an advance payment for goods, services or works ordered by a client. The rules for accepting payments are described in detail in article 169 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Everything must be drawn up on a unified invoice approved by Government Decree No. 914. Information about the received advance must be recorded in the ledger and entered into the 1C program.

How to set off a down payment
How to set off a down payment


  • - invoice;
  • - Ledger.


Step 1

Conduct each advance invoice under its own serial number, without mixing the numbering with commodity or ordinary invoices. If all documents have the same serial numbers, following each other, you will be issued an administrative fine. The next time, when the tax inspection is checked and a repeated violation is found, the work of the enterprise can be stopped for up to 9 months and the head responsible for the correctness of the financial documentation can be brought to criminal responsibility.

Step 2

On the advance invoice, complete all boxes in blue or black ink. Avoid corrections, errors, and strikethroughs. If you are still mistaken, cross out the incorrect entry with one line and enter the correct one. A financial document that is easy to read is considered tax-qualified.

Step 3

In the appropriate columns, indicate: the full name of your organization; TIN; full name of the organization of the customer for goods, services or works; Full name of a representative or a private person, his TIN; all contact details, including postal address and postal code.

Step 4

Write down the released goods, services or works by their full name, without abbreviations. Also enter the full cost and the amount of the advance payment paid by the customer without reductions. Indicate the tax base rate as a percentage, calculate the amount from the total cost of goods, services or works and write it down in rubles and kopecks in figures and words.

Step 5

Issue an advance invoice immediately after receiving the advance payment. Spend the entire amount received on the cash register and enter it into the credit slip.

Step 6

Record information about the advance invoice in the ledger under the following serial number.

Step 7

You can enter information into the 1C program immediately or once in the accounting tax period. The frequency of tax reporting is one quarter. It is not considered a violation if you pay all advance invoices every three months.

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