Which Is Better: A High Salary Or A Position

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Which Is Better: A High Salary Or A Position
Which Is Better: A High Salary Or A Position

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A job that a person likes, but low-paid, deprives him of a number of advantages over one where the salary is considered high. On the contrary, the high salary that an employee receives in a job he does not like gives him material independence, but makes him unhappy.

High salary ensures material well-being
High salary ensures material well-being

Benefits of a high-paying job

Often times, people are faced with a choice between a job that pays well, but does not bring satisfaction, and a job that they enjoy, but is low paid. Of course, the material well-being provided by high wages has many advantages. A person receiving a high salary feels freer and more independent from life's circumstances. He has more ability to improve the conditions that surround him.

For example, it is easier for people with high incomes to solve an acute housing problem than for those whose wages allow them to spend only a living wage. In pursuit of material security with benefits, people tend to fall into workaholism. It turns out that a person becomes addicted to work that promises financial independence. Thus, a job that brings a low income makes you earn and accumulate money longer than a job with a high income.

So, a person becomes dependent on a high-paying job, because he does not dare to change it to a type of activity that would bring him moral satisfaction, but is paid lower. He is afraid of changes, because otherwise, he will have to give up his usual way of life and satisfy all needs. However, your favorite job in this case will require less stress and dedication than a position that, apart from earnings, does not bring satisfaction and benefit.

Benefits of the work you love

Psychologists have proven that work in which a person forces himself to work increases the risk of developing neuropsychiatric disorders and heart disease. This is explained by the fact that the internal disagreement and contradictions that his activity causes, triggers the mechanisms of destruction in the body. The employee's internal protest against the performed duties makes him / her be in constant stress, and as a result, causes depression.

In favor of a low-paid position that brings moral satisfaction to a person, a number of advantages should be noted. Doing what he loves, a person gets pleasure and joy. Favorite work helps to realize talents and abilities, to maintain mental health, it is easier for a person to achieve and succeed.

Undoubtedly, the activity must correspond to the personal and professional qualities of a person. Life is fleeting and unpredictable, and therefore each person pursues his own goals and sets priorities. Some are thirsty for wealth and luxury, others are looking for tranquility and quiet happiness. Therefore, the choice of activity is a decision that a person must make independently. Making a huge amount of money is real, however, it is not a guarantee of happiness. It is important to devote time to rest, to spend time with loved ones and loved ones, distracting from the problems associated with work.

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