How To Get A Job

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How To Get A Job
How To Get A Job

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Video: How To Get A Job
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It is important for a person who is looking for a job not only to find the desired vacancy, but also to get it. To do this, you need to have an education corresponding to the vacancy, the required degree of qualifications, successfully pass an interview and, if necessary, a competition. In some cases, there is a certain age limit, and, moreover, it does not matter what kind of work experience the applicant has. The direct registration of labor relations takes place in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

How to get a job
How to get a job


Application, work book, educational document, qualification document, medical book, if required by the specifics of the work


Step 1

If you are asked to write a resume about yourself, then sequentially indicate all the educations that you have, the years of graduation from universities, all the positions that you held, and in which enterprises you worked. Write down your qualifications and the time you took your retraining courses. The additional information indicates which languages you speak and what level of proficiency in them (fluent, with a dictionary, etc.).

Step 2

With an oral resume, you need to tell everything briefly and consistently in an even tone, without embarrassment or expressing any special emotions.

Step 3

Pay attention to your appearance before interviewing an employer. Dress the way you would normally dress in the company's office. Don't wear anything extravagant or unusual. Women should put on a minimum of makeup, but they should not come without makeup at all. The perfume should be present, but light and neutral.

Step 4

Be natural during the interview. Answer all questions in a polite, confident tone. The communication style should be businesslike. Don't worry, relax.

Step 5

When asked about the salary, tell me the real amount that you would like to receive. Needless to say, any salary will suit you. Often on this note, the interview ends with unsatisfactory results for the applicant. Employers believe that whoever wants to earn a lot is worth a lot.

Step 6

And the last thing is about direct employment. You need to provide a work book, diploma, certificate of qualifications, write an application. In some cases, if the company has a specific focus, and a medical book.

Step 7

The employer will conclude an employment contract with you and issue an order. Then he will acquaint you with the job description and safety precautions. After that, you can start working.