How To Get A Job As A Psychologist

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How To Get A Job As A Psychologist
How To Get A Job As A Psychologist

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A psychologist is not the most popular profession in Russia, although the number of people turning to psychologists is growing every year. A beginning psychologist must first decide on the area of ​​his future work: it can be work with children, correctional psychology, HR management, and others. Based on your desires, you need to draw up a resume and send it to potential employers. For those who are confident in their abilities, it makes sense to open a private practice.

How to get a job as a psychologist
How to get a job as a psychologist


Step 1

Psychologists can be divided into two large groups: social psychologists (those who are engaged in counseling work, work with children, the elderly, the chronically ill, etc.) and commercial psychologists (business coaches, HR managers). We can immediately say that the second group can apply for a large salary, however, without work experience, it is quite difficult to get a job for both.

Step 2

Social psychologists with no work experience can be taken to a state institution (kindergarten, school, hospital) or to a social center. The main disadvantages of the first option are low salaries and a lot of paperwork. In social centers, 9 which are both public and private), a novice psychologist will be better: there are more different clients, free trainings and refresher courses are possible.

Step 3

Those who graduate from the Faculty of Psychology are willingly hired by companies and recruiting agencies for the position of "recruiter" or "HR manager". As a rule, without work experience, you can only get to the entry level. Counseling is not required here - at the initial level, young psychologists are engaged in the selection of resumes and conducting telephone interviews. Such work, no doubt, may seem overly routine, but salaries in this area are above average.

Step 4

If you have additional education in the field of management, a novice psychologist can get a job as a trainer in a training center. Sometimes this is possible without additional education - depending on the training provided by the center. There are training centers specializing in corporate training (leadership training, time management, etc.). Some training centers provide personal growth trainings. Psychological education is enough for their specialists.

Step 5

If you are confident in your abilities, then why not open your own practice? You can receive and consult clients at home, and you can look for them via the Internet. Such a business, of course, will not immediately "go uphill", perhaps it will take several years before you have a lot of clients. However, for those who see themselves as a psychoanalyst, a counseling psychologist, this is a good choice. Here you are your own boss and do not depend on the employer.

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