How To Calculate A Project

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How To Calculate A Project
How To Calculate A Project

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Buying any furniture is not a problem. You can buy ready-made furniture, you can make custom-made furniture, you can order a drawing and make something yourself. But the one whose hands itch is ready to do all the work inside and out. And construction begins with the design of furniture. We will look at the whole process using the example of a nightstand project. If you cope with the bedside table, then any other furniture will be on your shoulder.

How to calculate a project
How to calculate a project


A sheet of paper, pencil, ruler, calculator


Step 1

Make a schematic drawing of the bedside table and set the external parameters for the width, length and height of the furniture. Simply put, depict the furniture that you want to get as a result of the work.

Step 2

Next, make a detailed calculation of the dimensions. To do this, you need to know the thickness of the building material, the thickness of the countertop, the distance that is required for the fastening system of the drawer. Make a detailed drawing of the project. The front wall and top of the bedside table should be absent to draw shelves and drawers. Also draw the thickness of the panels and where they will be attached.

Step 3

Calculate the details of the future bedside table:

1. The height of the side panels is equal to the total height of the cabinet minus the thickness of the table top.

2. The height of the base is equal to the distance to the bottom of the bedside table. The width of the plinth is the same as the width of the plinth minus the thickness of the two uprights.

3. The width of the bottom and shelves is equal to the width of the base, and the depth corresponds to the length of the bedside table.

4. The length of the strips for fixing the table top is equal to the depth of the bedside table, the width of the strips is arbitrary.

5. The width of the door is equal to the width of the bedside table minus 2 mm at the edges. The height of the door is made up of the distance from the shelf to the bottom, the tap to the drawer (half the thickness of the building panels) and the tap to the bottom (the thickness of the panel minus 2 mm).

6. The height of the rear wall is equal to the height of the side panel minus the height of the base / plinth and minus 2 mm on each side. The back wall width is the width of the entire bedside table minus 2 mm on each side.

7. The width and length of the table top are equal to the width and depth of the bedside table.

Step 4

Calculate the dimensions of the drawer. All calculations are carried out in the same way as the calculations of the case, with the only difference that not external, but internal parameters will be taken as the overall dimensions.

Step 5

Collect all data on the sizes of parts and their quantity, and place an order for building materials.

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