How To Organize Management In An Organization

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How To Organize Management In An Organization
How To Organize Management In An Organization
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Effective management allows ensuring the stability of production, optimizing production processes, reducing the lead time for orders and manufacturing of products, and reducing the number of rejects. Some Russian enterprises have already implemented a production management system that ensures guaranteed product quality.

How to organize management in an organization
How to organize management in an organization


Step 1

The basis of the production management system (PMS) is the culture of the enterprise. On this basis, the rest of the components operate: management, control, organization and the system of goals. These are internal systems, and supply and sales are external systems and full-fledged elements of the CSP. To make it work fully, ensure the interconnection of all elements, maximum openness of processes and establish communication flows.

Step 2

Implement a management philosophy known as Continuous Improvement (CPI) throughout the enterprise. In it, any employee is considered as a specialist in a field that he supports in accordance with job descriptions. With this approach, the employee, his qualifications, experience and knowledge are an important capital of the enterprise, which becomes interested in each specialist.

Step 3

Give employees the opportunity to improve, gain experience. Stimulate their desire to streamline production processes, improve product quality. The company should positively perceive the problems arising in the production process of employees as an excuse for making flexible corrective decisions. Create an atmosphere of openness and trust at the enterprise, and employees will be passionate about this approach to work, and they will make improvements in the technological processes that they use.

Step 4

Develop a system of quality and reliability standards at the enterprise. This will allow you to objectively assess the work of everyone. Involve your employees in the standards development process. Analyze variances using appropriate methods. Develop a quantitative and qualitative assessment system to facilitate monitoring. Identify the true causes of marriage and eliminate them together with the performers. This is the quality management system that is being implemented at Russian enterprises.

Step 5

Conduct activities that improve the ergonomics of workplaces, which will allow each employee to efficiently perform their functions. Work with planners, management and executives to develop new ways of working and optimize previously used practices.

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