When To Change Your Passport

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When To Change Your Passport
When To Change Your Passport

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The passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is subject to replacement upon reaching the age of twenty and forty-five, as well as upon the occurrence of a number of other circumstances that exclude the possibility of further use of this document. The foreign passport can also be replaced when it expires.

When to change your passport
When to change your passport

The cases in which a citizen of the Russian Federation should change the passport are established by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 08.07.1997 No. 828. The same document determines the procedure for such a replacement. With the normal use of this document, in the absence of other emergency circumstances, the person changes the passport only twice, and the reason is the achievement of the established age. After the initial receipt of this document at the age of fourteen, it will have to be replaced at the age of twenty, forty-five years. An exception to this rule is made only for military personnel who turn twenty years old during the period of conscription. In this case, you will have to change your passport only after dismissal.

Cases of changing passports that are not related to reaching a certain age

The current legislation provides for other cases in which a citizen will have to change his passport. So, a document can be lost, damaged, badly worn out, which makes it virtually impossible to use it for any purpose. In addition, a separate basis for replacing an identity document is a change of surname, first name, date, place of birth, and other data. If a citizen decides to change his gender, then after completing the appropriate procedure, he will also have to apply for a new document. Finally, in some cases, a person independently discovers that a mistake or inaccuracy has been made in the issued passport, which indicates the need for its prompt replacement.

When to change your passport?

The state of our country does not oblige citizens to have foreign passports, therefore, obtaining and replacing this document is a personal matter for everyone. You can apply for a new foreign passport upon expiration of the old one, as well as upon the occurrence of other circumstances listed above, in which the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation changes. The validity period of passports is established by Federal Law No. 114-FZ dated 15.08.1996. In accordance with this document, old-style foreign passports are issued for a five-year period, after which they are considered invalid. If a new generation passport is issued containing biometric data of a person, then a citizen can use it for a ten-year period from the date of registration.

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