6 Components Of A Successful Career

6 Components Of A Successful Career
6 Components Of A Successful Career

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In order to be successful in work, of course, you need knowledge, skills, hard work and perseverance. But words also have a certain power, a kind of motivation for action. Let's analyze the so-called mini-phrasebook of a person who is successfully moving up the career ladder.

6 components of a successful career
6 components of a successful career

"This is a challenging assignment, I'll take it right now." If your boss gives you an assignment, don't just agree with a nod of your head and a laconic "uh-huh." Show a keen interest in the assignment, show your superiors that you are very interested in the execution or solution of the given assignment. Show your boss that the job you are doing is really interesting to you, and he will notice to himself your business spirit and speed of action.

“Let's discuss all the pros and cons. When discussing creating a project or changing it, do not rush to tell your colleagues and superiors that their ideas are worthless. It is much better to invite them to the discussion and discuss all the controversial points. When discussing a problem, do not criticize colleagues at work, suggest your idea for consideration. May you be distinguished by flexibility of mind, diplomacy in arguments, prudence and a broad outlook. These qualities will definitely help you move up the career ladder.

"We have achieved more than we planned." When the project is completed, you need to report to your superiors. You should always remember that a live story about the creation of a project is more impressive than statistics, diagrams and dry numbers. In your story, use the word “we” to emphasize the achievements of the entire organization, that you worked for the common good and in the interests of the company. Your story should be more than reliable, do not embellish the situation, the bosses do not like to be deceived.

"I'll do my best." In the course of work, no one is insured against force majeure and unforeseen situations. For example, the breakdown of relations with a large client, the failure of suppliers to fulfill their obligations under the contract, etc. Tell management that you are doing everything you can to fix the problem, that you are doing your best, and that you care about the firm's outcome. Let the chef appreciate your efforts.

"I am ready to take responsibility for myself." Hearing such a phrase from subordinates is pleasant for any boss. Perhaps you are already ready to lead (a project, a department, etc.), but so far you are not given responsible assignments. Feel free to take the initiative and commit to completing assignments. It is much better to show your bosses that you can do more than fulfilling the same assignment for many years.

"We are a team!" If your colleagues are professionals in their field, then you are probably proud to work with them and do the common cause. Don't hide your feelings. We always need a positive assessment, even if we do not speak about it out loud and do not demonstrate it in any way - this is not accepted in our society. If you are embarrassed or do not have the strength of mind to say something like: "It gives me tremendous pleasure to work with you," then just start by simply saying: "I am proud of you!"

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