How To Deal With Arbitrariness

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How To Deal With Arbitrariness
How To Deal With Arbitrariness

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Work can be a real hell if you have to deal with the tyranny of your boss on a daily basis. Conflicts with management spoil the mood, shake the nerves and discourage any interest in work. Is it possible to get rid of petty nagging on the part of the boss and put an end to arbitrariness? What line of conduct should you take?

How to deal with arbitrariness
How to deal with arbitrariness


  • - Labor Code;
  • - labor contract;
  • - documents confirming the violation of your rights.


Step 1

Analyze the current situation. The fight against the arbitrariness of the leadership will be justified if the actions of the boss violate your rights enshrined in the Labor Code. For example, you may be denied another vacation, not fully paid sick leave or travel expenses. If your rights are clearly violated, you can and should safely fight against such arbitrariness.

Step 2

Contact your district or city labor inspectorate with a written complaint against management. State your claims clearly in the document, prioritizing violations of your rights. Attach to the complaint those documents that confirm the violations you described. For example, it can be an employment contract that spells out your rights and responsibilities for the position.

Step 3

Wait for the complaint to the labor inspectorate to be considered. This period is usually thirty days, but it can be extended for another month if it is necessary to conduct a thorough check or request the relevant documents. Based on the results of the inspection, an act will be drawn up, and the management of the enterprise will receive an order with the requirement to eliminate violations of the employee's rights. Your management will be obliged to give the labor inspectorate a written report on the measures taken.

Step 4

If the boss’s arbitrariness is not associated with a violation of labor laws, but is explained by the nature of the person or the hostile relationship that has developed between you, try to avoid open conflicts. Carry out your official duties and assignments accurately and on time, without giving the management a reason for nagging.

Step 5

Remember that restraint is the best way to deal with rudeness and prejudice. Be extremely polite and polite in dealing with management, but do not go over to the ingratiating tone. In any case, do not stoop to mutual insults and verbal skirmishes. Your actions should not go beyond the law.

Step 6

Try to use the administrative resource by filing a valid complaint about the actions of your line manager with a higher management. It is also effective to involve the trade union organization of the enterprise in resolving the conflict situation, which actively defends the rights of its members.

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