How To Make Money On Auctions

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How To Make Money On Auctions
How To Make Money On Auctions

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Experts believe that one of the most promising and still developing types of earnings in the network is the organization of an electronic auction, which allows trading online. Considering that there are still few auction sites on the Russian-language Internet, this type of business can be called very promising for an entrepreneur. Moreover, the creation of an auction in electronic form does not require significant investments.

Auction trades with their own rules and traditions made their way to the Internet
Auction trades with their own rules and traditions made their way to the Internet

It is necessary

  • 1. Technical solution (engine) for an electronic auction
  • 2. "Wallet" in one of the payment systems, an additional agreement with this system is possible
  • 3. Bank account
  • 4. Contract with a courier service (for the sale of your own goods)


Step 1

Choose one of two possible forms of organizing an online auction - whether you take on only the role of an intermediary between sellers and bargaining buyers, or will you sell the goods yourself. In the first case, your income is made up of the interest received from each transaction concluded on your site or from the fee that sellers will pay to put the goods on your electronic auction. In the second case, your system is the same online store, only buyers will fight for the right to buy this or that product and be included in the trading system.

Step 2

Contact a professional web studio and order the development of an engine for your online auction. Standard methods of creating websites will not work here, conducting electronic trading requires an original solution made by professional programmers. There is no need to specifically explain how important the technical component is in online commerce, various failures are a serious risk factor in any "electronic" business.

Step 3

Select a payment system through which buyers (or sellers) will pay for goods (intermediary services) in your auction. If you provide a platform to others, it is most convenient to use electronic payment methods (Web Money, Yandex-Money and the like) for payment. If you sell goods yourself, then there can be many options (bank account, postal order, cash to a courier), here the principles of organizing payment are the same as in any online store.

Step 4

Consider a method of delivering goods to customers who win a particular lot. There may be several options, among which are postal services, a private courier service, or their own couriers who receive salaries. If you plan to become the owner of an open electronic auction, then all the questions related to delivery, sellers and buyers will decide among themselves.

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