How To Make Money In America

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How To Make Money In America
How To Make Money In America

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Every person, no doubt, dreams of buying a beautiful house, finding a family, and not deny himself anything. But for a good dream you need a good foundation, in this case, capital. Many people overcome this problem in a competent way and decide to go to America for money. There are several options for earning money in the United States: the AU PAIR program, employment contracts, exchange of experience, refresher courses and other types, such as work as a "truck driver". It is about these types of earnings in America that will be discussed further.

How to make money in America
How to make money in America


Step 1

Experts advise you to start your first working experience with a fairly reliable AU PAIR program. To do this, contact the AU PAIR center in your city (it can also be found on the Internet), and in a matter of days they will help you prepare all the documents and choose a family in which you will work. Under the terms of the program, you will need to act as a babysitter and help with the housework for several hours a week. Benefits: income up to $ 1000 per month; short working day (no more than 4 hours a day); the family undertakes to pay for an intensive English course; study of culture and a look at it "from the inside". Disadvantages: many families often confuse an AU PAIR student with a maid, a cook, etc., and therefore sometimes exceed the duties prescribed in the contract at times (in this case, do not hesitate to contact your curator); the contract is urgent, and therefore cannot be extended, i.e. after the specified period, you are obliged to return to your homeland. In general, AU PAIR is an attractive, profitable job in America.

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Another interesting option is a fixed-term employment contract, for example, as a seller in a fast food restaurant or in a supermarket. To do this, study the offers on the Internet, apply and pack your suitcase. The work is not easy, but it will help to bring a lot of income in the future, to move up the career ladder (for example, to become a store manager). Advantages: high earnings - up to $ 2,500; the possibility of obtaining a long-term residence permit (and if you wish to stay in the United States forever), in most cases, the employer provides housing and insurance. Disadvantages: the job is not easy, requiring a lot of effort; there is practically no free time.

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If you are a master of "breaking and building" - apply your skills in the USA, the builder here makes up to $ 5,000. Housekeepers, orderlies and receptionists earn an average of $ 1500-2000. If you have a driver's license with a category "C", then working in America as a long-distance driver (or simply a trucker) can enrich you up to $ 10,000 per month. To do this, collect all the necessary documents and contact either through a special (but proven and reliable) company in your city, or on your own through vacancies on Internet sites.

Step 4

And finally, if you are only interested in skilled work in America, then you need to start with Russia. Get a job in an international company, learn the language to a fluent level and ask for further training (practice, skills exchange program). For students, there is an easier way: find a university in the United States with your specialization and, having collected all the documents, translate. For Russian students in America, as a rule, there is a high scholarship, in addition, you can work up to twenty hours a week, and after receiving a diploma, get a job in a specialty (often students in their last year undergo long-term internship in one of the partner firms, and, especially who distinguished themselves, receive an invitation to work).

Step 5

America is waiting for hardworking, active and ambitious people who are not afraid to change their lives for the better!

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