How To Renegotiate An Employment Contract

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How To Renegotiate An Employment Contract
How To Renegotiate An Employment Contract

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If, for some reason, the employment contract needs significant changes, then it becomes necessary to renegotiate it. When is the employer obligated to do this? Does the employee lose anything when the contract is renegotiated?

How to renegotiate an employment contract
How to renegotiate an employment contract


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The main case in which it is necessary to renegotiate the contract is the expiration of the employment contract concluded earlier. If, for example, the contract was concluded for a period of 3 months, then after this time it must be renewed. At the same time, the official dismissal of the employee and the hiring under a new contract with the entry of entries in the work book are drawn up. A new contract can be concluded again for a specified period or indefinitely.

Step 2

If the organization has changed the director, place of work, legal address, then the contract with the employees is renewed only with the consent of the employees. When some working conditions change, an additional agreement is simply drawn up to the previous contract, and the work book does not receive any entries. If, over time, a large number of additional agreements have accumulated, the employer still does not have the right to renegotiate the agreement without the permission of the workers.

Step 3

If your company has changed its name and type, for example, from a closed joint-stock company it has become open, then the necessary entry is made in the work book, and the contract is renegotiated with the employees. This is done, as a rule, at a general meeting, at which new working conditions are discussed. At the same time, employees should not lose those privileges that work experience in the previous organization gives. If your employer violates your rights, you can go to court.

Step 4

In any case, changes in the employment contract or its renegotiation are made only with the consent of both the employer and the employee. You should be informed about all changes in the agreement, and you should read all additional agreements and newly executed agreements very carefully. If you do not agree with some condition, do not sign any documents, otherwise then you will not be able to prove your case in court.

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