How To Create A Business Image

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How To Create A Business Image
How To Create A Business Image
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In the modern labor market, it is not enough to be just a qualified specialist in your field; you also need to be able to win over people, that is, to create a business image.

How to create a business image
How to create a business image


Step 1

Keep in mind that your physical appearance matters a lot. After all, the image begins with the face. Pay attention to it: is the business makeup chosen correctly, is the hairstyle model thought out, is your hair clean and neat enough, is your facial expressions friendly, are your hands and nails in order? Particular attention should be paid to clothing culture.

Step 2

Please note that business style implies straight lines of a suit and a special cut, a certain texture of fabrics and colors, as well as, accordingly, shoes and bags, briefcases and business paraphernalia: organizer, business cards, pens and other accessories.

Step 3

When going to a business meeting, do not use a romantic style with its ruffles, revealing neckline, open shoes and mother-of-pearl, as well as a sporty and avant-garde style with bright colors, zippers and rivets, jeans and T-shirts. The evening glamorous style with its pomp and pretentiousness will not work either.

Step 4

In a business environment, be serious, excessive talkativeness or constant jokes are unlikely to please anyone. Be attentive, open to communication, punctual, obligatory, active in promoting new competitive ideas, etc. Show such qualities as erudition, professionalism, business charm.

Step 5

When negotiating, be mindful of your postures, gestures and posture as all these signals reveal the secrets of a person's personal psychology, his character, temperament, upbringing and education. Show your communication skills during communication. The interlocutor will pay attention to the correctness of speech, articulation, self-confidence. All these qualities are very important if you want to create an image of a business person and make a career.

Step 6

Study the relevant literature, be like training courses in such areas of knowledge as the norms of business ethics, business etiquette, the basics of image and self-presentation.

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