How To Create A Business Card

How To Create A Business Card
How To Create A Business Card

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Almost everyone knows what a business card is. This is a small, usually cardboard, card containing contact information about its owner. Having a business card in your pocket is not just a tribute to fashion, a business card plays a huge role in communication, in establishing business and friendly contacts. What should you pay attention to when creating business cards?

business card
business card

Types of business cards.

The appearance of a business card largely depends on the purpose of its use.

Business cards are:

personal - used for friendly, informal communication, often they are made by famous people;

family - they represent the family, attach themselves, for example, to gifts;

business - used to establish business contacts, contain information about the company, field of activity, are performed in the same style for all employees.

Informativeness of business cards.

The business card should contain as much contact information as possible.

On personal and family business cards, it is enough to indicate the last name, first name, phone numbers, Skype, ISQ;

on business place the name of the organization, surname, name and position of the employee, address, contact numbers, fax number, e-mail address and website.

It is allowed to place brief information of an advertising nature, a corporate slogan.


By design, business cards are:

functional (contain the maximum of necessary information, printed in a well-readable font);

shocking (originally designed, bright, eye-catching).

The business card is distinguished by its functionality.

The business card reflects the image and status of the organization, therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to its design and the quality of the paper.

The business card should not be overly colorful, "overloaded" with patterns and pictures, as this distracts attention from useful information.

Don't skimp on paper quality, go for premium paper.

Family and personal business cards are made in a free style.

If you want your business card to take its rightful place in business partners' business card holders, entrust its creation to professionals. However, in emergencies, when there is no time or money to order designer business cards, you can always make one yourself.

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