How To Write A Review About A Person

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How To Write A Review About A Person
How To Write A Review About A Person

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A review (or a letter of recommendation) is drawn up in any form (with the fulfillment of the mandatory requirements of a business letter) in cases where there is a need to characterize a person from a specific side. Below are a few examples of how this document can be used.

Positive feedback is half the battle
Positive feedback is half the battle


Step 1

Feedback on the employee during the next or extraordinary certification, qualification tests.

In this case, the review must contain comprehensive information about how the employee coped with his job duties during the certification period. Mandatory attributes of such a document:

• full name and full title of the employee's position;

• full name of the enterprise;

• a list of the main issues in the solution of which the employee took part;

• evaluation of the effectiveness of its work;

• recommendations.

A review (example) is prepared by the immediate supervisor, signed by the head (director) of the enterprise. The employee must be familiar with such a review before the start of certification or testing.

How to write a review about a person
How to write a review about a person

Step 2

Another type is feedback on the completion of a specific task. For example, about an internship before being appointed to a higher position, about an internship for a young specialist. Such a review is drawn up and signed by the direct supervisor of the internship. In addition to the basic data about the employee, it must contain:

• the period of the internship, the place of its passage, the purpose;

• questions studied by the employee during the internship;

• assessment of the quality of assimilation of the studied material and practical exercises;

• recommendations of the internship supervisor.

How to write a review about a person
How to write a review about a person

Step 3

Finally, a review - a letter of recommendation is drawn up, as a rule, at the request of the employee himself. It is written in a free style and is used when looking for additional or other permanent work. It does not require such data as education (there is a document on education), marital status (data in the autobiography). The emphasis is on the list of issues that the employee in the organization solved; on the quality and promptness of their implementation; on relationships in a team.

The presence of a letter of recommendation simplifies the employment procedure. A potential employer does not need to waste time looking for additional information about a person. On the other hand, positive recommendations will greatly help the applicant as well. characterize him as a serious, businesslike person.

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