How To Print Orders

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How To Print Orders
How To Print Orders

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The orders contain instructions from the head of the enterprise, which are binding on employees. Orders may be different in content, but in order to issue an order and bring it to the attention of an employee, it must be correctly drawn up. Before filling out (printing) an order, take note of a few recommendations.

How to print orders
How to print orders


Step 1

Orders (instructions) for personnel are drawn up using unified forms of primary accounting documentation. These forms are approved by the Decree of the Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, they allow achieving uniformity in the preparation and execution of personnel documents.

Step 2

You can enter additional details into standard forms, but you have no right to change the details of the forms established by Goskomstat, or delete any of them. The changes made by the enterprise must be formalized with the appropriate organizational and administrative document.

Step 3

The text of the order should be typed in font 12-14, this font is optimal for reading. Do not skip the paragraphs that are essential for the interpretation of the essence of the document. For example, if this is an order for hiring an employee to work, the fields must be filled out containing the following data: first name, last name, patronymic of the employee, conditions of admission, probationary period, the established amount of salary (a specific amount, not a link to the staffing table) …

Step 4

A distinction should be made between individual and consolidated orders. Individual (simple) orders contain information about only one employee. In summary (complex) orders, data on several employees is indicated.

Step 5

In large organizations, as a rule, in the "Date" column, personnel service employees indicate only the month and year of the order. The document is dated by the head.

Step 6

The order (order) must be signed by the head of the enterprise. The presence of a seal is not necessary, since the order (order) is an internal document. Many forms of orders (instructions) imply familiarizing the employee with the content, therefore, the absence of the employee's signature should not be ignored either.

Step 7

Orders that are not related to the work of the personnel department are drawn up on a blank A4 sheet. It is also allowed to use the company logo and indicate its name at the top of the form. The document must contain data that allows you to determine when, by whom and for what purposes a particular order (order) was issued.

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