How To Format An Email

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How To Format An Email
How To Format An Email

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Today, in the computer age, it is necessary to know the rules of business correspondence and adhere to them when writing personal, recommendation, congratulatory and other letters. Also, compliance with the rules of business correspondence indicates your politeness and respect for the addressee.

How to format an email
How to format an email


Step 1

It is customary to write business letters on letterhead. They should already have the details of the organization, so even the email should contain all the information about the company.

Step 2

Slightly below the details, on the right side, you should indicate the departure date, and the month should be written in letters (May 12, 2011). International correspondence does not use the abbreviations we have adopted (05/12/11). In the United States, for example, the month is indicated first, and then the number (May 12, 2011).

Step 3

Below, on the left side, without making a new paragraph, they write a polite address. In Russia, an exclamation mark is often placed after an introductory address. In international practice, it is customary to use a comma.

Step 4

On the next line after the appeal, you must indicate the subject of the letter. To do this, you can put "Re:" (English "in Reference to" - relatively, as to). For example, "Re: In response to your telex from May 18, 2011".

Step 5

If the letter is dedicated to only one topic, then it can be indicated in the field immediately after the email address. But if the correspondence is conducted on several issues at once, then it is better to designate them immediately after contacting. Thus, it will be possible to split the letter into the appropriate number of blocks.

Step 6

The so-called all-block writing style is gaining more and more popularity. In block style, paragraphs are not indented by 5 spaces, but are aligned to the left. If you want to clearly separate paragraphs from each other, then start each new paragraph after 3-4 spaces.

Step 7

They usually end the letter with a compliment. Mostly the compliment "Sincerely yours" is used. You can also limit yourself to good wishes: "Best wishes to Mr. …", "Best wishes", "My best regards", etc.

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