How To Get An Old Passport

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How To Get An Old Passport
How To Get An Old Passport

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Currently, when issuing a foreign passport, citizens can independently decide what kind of document they need. The advantages of a conventional passport over a biometric one are its low cost and the ability to paste photographs of children. And since you can travel with an old document as well as with a new passport, the flow of people who want to get it does not stop.

How to get an old passport
How to get an old passport

It is necessary

  • - application form for a passport;
  • - identity card (internal passport);
  • - 3 photos;
  • - receipt of payment of the state duty;
  • - military ID (for men up to 27 years old);
  • - previously issued passport.


Step 1

Download the application form on the official website of the Migration Service of the Russian Federation. Be careful when filling it out, the presence of inaccuracies in the questionnaire is a reason for refusing to issue a passport. Enter all the data in capital letters, then print the form in duplicate. Only those applications that are filled in on two sides of one sheet are accepted for consideration.

Step 2

Stick a photo on both applications, and then certify the document at the place of work. Certification is not required for unemployed citizens. Students must contact the head of the institution to sign and seal the institution on the completed application. From this moment on, you are given 10 days to submit documents to the FMS. Otherwise, you will have to fill out the questionnaire again.

Step 3

Pay the state fee for obtaining a passport. Details can be found in the nearest division or on the regional website of the Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

Step 4

Take the finished package of documents to the point of registration and issuance of passports. Its address depends on where you live. Currently, in each city there are one or two points where you can get an old-style foreign document.

Step 5

Contact the point of issue of foreign passports one month after submitting the documents. As a rule, by this time the passport is already ready.

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