How To Write An Analytical Report

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How To Write An Analytical Report
How To Write An Analytical Report

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An analytical report is an in-depth study of a specific problem. The report has its own structure, which must be adhered to. Here are some tips to help you build your report according to the rules.

The analytical report must have a clear structure
The analytical report must have a clear structure


Step 1

When writing an analytical report, remember that, first of all, it should have a clear structure, which should be followed:

• title page;

• content;

• introduction;

• main part;

• conclusion;

• bibliography;

• applications.

Step 2

The title page is the main page of your work. Please provide information about the executor (s) of the report. In the table of contents, provide information about the structure of the report with the numbering of the corresponding pages. In the introduction, explain several points at once: the relevance of this work, the analysis of sources for obtaining information on the topic, the methods according to which the report was drawn up. Also tell us about the goals and objectives set in the framework of the report.

Step 3

Decorate the main part by breaking it up into several sections (each should include subsections). At each point, as clearly, logically, consistently present the material on the topic as possible, using different sources. In this case, do not forget to indicate the necessary links.

Step 4

Finally, include a summary of your research and your own findings. In the list of references, the sources used to compile the report, write in alphabetical order. Include in the appendices the voluminous information considered in the report. An analytical report, based on the essence of its name, must be a detailed analysis of a particular topic. To do this, make comparisons, build parallels, draw conclusions from this.

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