How To Write An Analytical Report For A Teacher

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How To Write An Analytical Report For A Teacher
How To Write An Analytical Report For A Teacher

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For certification to a higher category or for participation in a competition of professional skills, analytical information is often required. It is usually written by a Methodist or Manager. Such a certificate contains elements of the characteristics and a summary of the portfolio of this teacher.

How to write an analytical report for a teacher
How to write an analytical report for a teacher

It is necessary

  • - methodological developments of the teacher;
  • - data on diagnostics of children in different directions;
  • - personal data of the teacher;
  • - a computer with a text editor.


Step 1

At the top of the page, write the full name of the child care institution where the teacher works. Indicate the locality in which the kindergarten is located, the district and the region.

Step 2

Write the name of the document: "Analytical report on the activities of the teacher of such and such." Tell us from what time the teacher has been working in this kindergarten, what professional educational institution he graduated from, when and in what specialty. Indicate the length of service as an educator and the qualification category. Note whether the teacher is improving his professional qualifications and how. The clerk has all these data. They are usually indicated in the characteristic, only in a more detailed form.

Step 3

In the main part of the analytical note, indicate by what criteria you analyze the work of the teacher. This is the mastery of modern educational technologies, the effectiveness of their application in the pedagogical process, the stability of the assimilation by children of the programs according to which the educator works.

Step 4

Each teacher uses several educational technologies in their work. Indicate the main ones. Personality-oriented, health-preserving, playful - far from a complete list. Start with the most meaningful direction. In a few words, define what kind of technology it is and why it is important. Indicate in which types of activities of children the teacher uses it and how. For example, health-preserving technologies include not only physical education and hardening procedures, but also dynamic pauses during other activities, and self-massage training. In the same way, gaming technologies can be used in the game itself or as an element in the classroom. At the end of each part, draw a conclusion to what extent the use of this or that educational technology contributes to the development of the cognitive activity of children and how it contributes to the development of the child's personality.

Step 5

Tell us about the effectiveness of the use of modern educational technologies. To do this, you will need the data of the primary and final (or intermediate, if the work on the program is not completed) diagnostics for each type of activity. Usually, the teacher himself conducts the survey - this is necessary for the competent planning of work in the group. Make a conclusion, what personal qualities of children it is possible to develop with the help of modern educational technologies. Perhaps they became more interested in the world around them, began to be more interested in classes, etc.

Step 6

Write how long your kindergarten has been working with these educational technologies. If the teacher, about whose activities you are writing an analytical report, is just beginning to introduce a new direction, do not forget to note this. Conclude how important educational technology is. Especially note the consistency of the children's performance in different activities.

Step 7

Note the personal achievements of the teacher in the development of the educational technologies you indicated. Perhaps the teacher gave master classes or courses. Maybe he has interesting methodological developments. Print the text, date and sign.

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