How To Hire A Neurologist

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How To Hire A Neurologist
How To Hire A Neurologist

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A neurologist specializes in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system. And every second inhabitant of a modern metropolis suffers from headaches, insomnia and other disorders of the central nervous system. If you manage to find a true professional in your field, a person for whom medicine is a vocation, and not a way of enrichment, then the business reputation of your clinic will noticeably increase.

How to hire a neurologist
How to hire a neurologist

It is necessary

  • - CV of applicants;
  • - consultation of a psychologist;
  • - a specialist who will be able to assess the professional qualities of applicants.


Step 1

To hire a doctor, conduct a two-step interview. First, ask all candidates for this vacancy to fill out a resume. Give them pre-prepared forms, which will be slightly different from the standard ones. You can leave the first part of the resume unchanged, but make the story about previous jobs more extensive by means of leading questions.

Step 2

Include in your resume the column "Describe the most interesting case from your medical practice." This point will help you see the attitude of the neurologist towards the patient. You will see how the doctor approaches treatment (from a formal point of view, or whether he is interested in each patient), whether this specialist uses innovative technologies in his practice or does not consider it necessary to try something new. For more accurate and detailed results, entrust the analysis of this part of the resume to a psychologist.

Step 3

Verify the authenticity of the information provided by the applicants. Find out if this doctor worked in the specified clinic as a neurologist. In a casual conversation with staff, find out if the applicant is a competent, experienced doctor. Balanced, is he polite? Does he have any addictions (addiction to alcohol, etc.)?

Step 4

After checking the identity, conduct a short conversation with each applicant. Ask why this specialist wants to work for you, what he expects from the new job.

Step 5

And then give all candidates a small test. Ask them to test the patient. Have your in-house neurologist or specialist in a related field play the role of the patient. It is necessary that the imaginary patient understands this branch of medicine and sees all the mistakes of the applicants.

Step 6

Next, based on all the information available, name the best specialist. But remember that when choosing from several candidates for a neurologist, you need to pay attention not only to education and work experience, but also to such personal qualities of applicants as sociability, conflict, delicacy, desire to improve in the profession, etc.

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