How To Calculate The Salary

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How To Calculate The Salary
How To Calculate The Salary

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Salary or wage rate is a fixed salary of an employee for the performance of his job duties of a certain complexity per unit of time, in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The grid of tariff rates is the tariffication of wages of employees in organizations that are financed from the federal budget according to the Unified Tariff Schedule.

How to calculate the salary
How to calculate the salary

It is necessary

Labor Code of the Russian Federation, staffing, Unified tariff scale for organizations that are financed by the federal budget


Step 1

Determine the type of organization for which the salary is calculated. If this is an organization financed by the federal budget, then the amount of remuneration is established by the Unified Tariff Schedule. If the enterprise is commercial, then the salary is set based on financial capabilities, but not less than the statutory minimum wage.

Step 2

For a commercial enterprise, the salary is set in the staffing table, you can determine the amount of payment by taking a figure from the same position. It is also important to remember that the minimum wage does not take into account allowances, bonuses, bonuses and other incentive payments, additional payments for harmful or difficult working conditions, as well as other social and compensation payments.

Step 3

In addition to the staffing table, to calculate the salary of a new position, use the selected calculation method: the grading method or the method of coefficients tied to the salary of key specialists.

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