How To Understand What Your Job Is

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How To Understand What Your Job Is
How To Understand What Your Job Is

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The problem of self-determination is acute not only for schoolchildren and university graduates, but also for working people. To find a dream job, first of all, you need to decide on three main components: your abilities, hobbies and value system.

How to understand what your job is
How to understand what your job is


Step 1

List your passions and hobbies. Decide what you enjoy doing the most. This can be reading books and newspapers, blogging, traveling, business, scientific activities.

Step 2

Prepare and write a list of your professional skills and abilities. Choose from this list 5-7 basic qualities based on your own experience. For example, it can be workflow skills, the ability to work in a team, independent project management, discipline, a sense of responsibility, knowledge of special programs, creative work, the ability to speak to the public.

Step 3

Make a list of professions that might work for you. Build on your knowledge and hobbies. For example, if you enjoy reading and are proficient in document management, then the job of a librarian may be right for you. If you like to communicate with people - think about the profession of a sales manager. Do not focus your attention only on prestigious and highly paid professions, otherwise you risk having a "fashionable" but unloved specialty.

Step 4

Learn as much as possible about each profession. You can find the information you need in specialized magazines and newspapers, on Internet sites, in Internet communities. Try to get to know a real person who has excelled in the profession that interests you. Ask him about the pros and cons, and think about how your career in this area will develop.

Step 5

List your requirements for your dream job. Choose the most important ones and discard those that are not so essential.

Step 6

Determine if you fit the requirements for this profession in terms of education, psychological qualities, health.

Step 7

Think about what kind of work schedule would satisfy you. The specificity of some specialties is that you have to work in shifts.

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