How To Draw Up A Pre-sale Contract

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How To Draw Up A Pre-sale Contract
How To Draw Up A Pre-sale Contract

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The preliminary sale and purchase agreement is an officially issued "document of intent" between the seller and the buyer. According to it, the parties will conclude in the future an agreement on the sale and purchase on the terms that are previously agreed.

How to draw up a pre-sale contract
How to draw up a pre-sale contract


Step 1

There is an important rule: to describe more specifically everything that will be the subject of the preliminary deal. The main contract will be concluded on the same terms. This increases the chances of purchasing a product that meets your expectations and ideas.

Step 2

Feel free to make changes to the preliminary agreement if you are not satisfied with its terms or there are no written guarantees of your rights when concluding the main agreement. The preliminary, and then the main document should contain a section on the subject - parameters, properties, quantity of goods, in respect of which it is planned to conclude a sale and purchase transaction.

Step 3

The set price is mandatory. This amount will be the one at which the goods (thing) will be sold to you. It is important to stipulate that it is not subject to change and is final. Also, the seller cannot demand from the buyer another amount other than that specified in the contract. This rule will save you from fraud by unscrupulous sellers. For example, when in order to perform any action, additional funds are required to be deposited, despite the fact that the seller is obliged to fulfill them by law.

Step 4

Indicate the period during which the parties are required to conclude the main contract. In accordance with the legislation, if the term is not predetermined in advance, the parties are obliged to conclude the main agreement within one year from the date of the previous one.

Step 5

Write down the time of transfer of goods (things, property) and the responsibility of the parties This guarantees the timely delivery of the goods by the seller, as well as its integrity and quality. Be sure to indicate the details of the parties and sign the seller and the buyer.

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