How To Invite To A Presentation

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How To Invite To A Presentation
How To Invite To A Presentation

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The main advantage of the presentation is that it helps to both entertain and educate clients. In such an environment, it is easier to sell the product than during one-on-one negotiations. An invitation to a presentation is a responsible task that is dealt with by an individual employee or an entire department.

How to invite to a presentation
How to invite to a presentation


Step 1

Make a text version of your presentation. This is necessary for two reasons: you will thoroughly know the content of the event to which you invite clients; you will understand who should not be invited - because the presentation is not for them. It is necessary not only to lure people and then try to sell something, but to gather those who are really interested in solving some problem - then there will be a monetary return. Therefore, analyze the text of the meeting. If the presentation has never taken place and there is no recording, ask the facilitator to do it for you. He will practice, and you will thoroughly study the product being promoted to the market.

Step 2

Reduce the text to a few paragraphs or sentences to emphasize the point. The process can be compared to “stripping” a cabbage head: if you remove one leaf at a time, sooner or later a cabbage stump will appear. This is how it is necessary to clear the text of explanatory phrases and leave the main thing around which the "head of cabbage" is assembled. If everything is done correctly, you will be able to tell in three words what problem will be considered at the presentation, in what cases and who has it; what method can be used to solve it.

Step 3

Make a list of people or companies who might be interested in solving the problem. Enter your contact details. The longer the list, the more participants and sales there will be. Of course, not everyone will find the presentation relevant, so there is no need to rely on a dozen items on the list. Take the time to do your market research to invite many people at the same time.

Step 4

Prepare a promotional offer: reflect the essence of the event in it. This text can be sent via fax, e-mail; speak over the phone, post on the website; make audio and video invitations based on it. Use different channels to attract people.

Step 5

Contact each person on the list and get consent to participate.

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