How To Catch A Thief At Work

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How To Catch A Thief At Work
How To Catch A Thief At Work

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Thefts began to occur at your place of work. But if you even suspect someone in particular of illegal actions, it is still not worth making hasty statements. You can also slander an innocent person.

How to catch a thief at work
How to catch a thief at work


Step 1

Before catching a thief, try to enlist the support of colleagues whom you trust unconditionally. Together you will be able to carry out a series of activities aimed at eradicating theft.

Step 2

Contact the security service of your organization or your immediate supervisor so that they take care of the safety of personal property or the property of the institution. Talk about thefts, but don't talk about who you suspect. Usually, if funds permit, management issues an order to install internal surveillance cameras. The most principled leaders can send all, without exception, employees (including you) for a lie detector test. Although, as studies show, the veracity of the "testimony" made with a polygraph fluctuates in the region of 60-70%. Some bosses hire a private detective or introduce pseudo-workers into the team, who, for a fee, find out who is engaged in theft at work.

Step 3

If the organization does not have free funds (especially if it is a budgetary institution), then you will have to rely heavily on your strengths and the likely help of colleagues in order to create provoking situations. Their organization depends on what exactly was stolen. Do not engage in self-activity: if material damage was caused directly to your institution, coordinate all your actions with your superiors.

Step 4

Try not to carry large amounts of money with you. Keep all cash with you at all times. For the thief, prepare (preferably together with colleagues) a fake wallet with marked bills or spray it with indelible paint.

Step 5

Place the wallet in a prominent place, look away, or leave the room altogether for a while. Make arrangements with other employees in advance so that they will not let anyone out of the room. Or say out loud: “I seem to have left my wallet (s) in the dining room (accounting, reception, etc.)”. Then leave the room. On your return, pay attention to the place where you left the "bait".

Step 6

If the wallet is not in place, then, in case you used paint, pay attention to the hands of those present. If you have marked the bills, tell them that your boss just ordered you to urgently collect money (think of the purpose of the collection in advance). See which bills everyone present will turn in. The amount of fees, as well as their purpose, should be significant so that a potential thief would certainly not have enough cash and hand over the labeled bills.

Step 7

In order to find out who is stealing money and personal belongings, you can do without bait. Take your digital camera with you to work. Before or after work (the main thing is that no one is around), connect the camera to the computer that you have the least use. Try to find a secluded spot so that the camera cannot be seen, but it can still capture what is happening without hindrance. In this case, the process of catching the thief can take several days. Change the location of the camera if necessary.

Step 8

Collect evidence. Do not try to deal with the thief on your own, as insult and blackmail are also criminal offenses. Try to talk softly with the offender, and if necessary, offer financial assistance. If the theft continues, and the patterns of its commission are similar to the previous ones, contact your management or the police.

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