What Is The Drug Law

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What Is The Drug Law
What Is The Drug Law

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The main normative act establishing restrictions related to the use and circulation of drugs in the Russian Federation is the Federal Law “On Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances”. This law contains norms that reflect the specifics of state regulation of drug production and trafficking in Russia.

What is the drug law
What is the drug law

In the sphere of legal regulation of production and drug trafficking in Russia, there is a special Federal Law “On Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances”. The specified normative act not only establishes the foundations of the state policy in the field of drug trafficking, but also defines specific measures to combat illegal production, sale of such substances, their use and distribution among the population. In addition, the law contains definitions of many basic concepts that are used to designate various operations related to drug trafficking, includes references to regulations that enshrine the current lists of drugs.

The main sections of the law

The drug law includes eight main chapters, arranged in accordance with the general rules of lawmaking techniques used in the Russian Federation. So, the first chapter includes general provisions, defines the basic terms, principles of state regulation of drug trafficking. The next three chapters set out the procedure for carrying out activities related to drug trafficking. These chapters are structured taking into account the need to ensure state countermeasures to the illicit trafficking of such substances with their reasonable use for socially significant purposes. The fifth chapter defines the rules for the use of drugs in specific areas of life (medicine, veterinary medicine, and others). The sixth chapter is devoted to combating drug trafficking, organizational and practical aspects of this activity. The concluding chapters of the law establish the foundations for the prevention and treatment of drug addicts.

Features of the subject of regulation of the law

The described law applies not only to narcotic drugs, but also to psychotropic substances. Lists of such drugs, substances are approved separately, are constantly updated with new items, taking into account the need for a prompt response to the emergence of new synthetic drugs. Also, the scope of regulation of this normative act includes precursors, which are understood as substances most often used for the production of narcotic drugs. The free circulation of such funds, substances is strictly prohibited, they can only be used for purposes specified by law, subject to strict observance of the rules for their circulation.

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