New Rules For Registration Of An Accident

New Rules For Registration Of An Accident
New Rules For Registration Of An Accident

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From July 1, 2015, amendments to the rules of the road come into force regarding the actions of drivers in the event of a road traffic accident. The law provides for the ability to leave the scene of an accident without adverse consequences for the driver.

New rules for registration of an accident
New rules for registration of an accident

The driver's first action will not change. First, you need to stop, turn on the emergency gang and set the triangle (emergency stop sign).

Secondly, you need to understand whether there are victims.

Provide assistance to the injured and call an ambulance. In case of an accident with victims, the analysis of the accident will not do without the participation of the police.

After calling the police, you may have to take the victims to the hospital yourself (in case of emergency and when it is impossible to send them by passing transport).

If the emergency cars blocked the road so that it is basically impossible to drive (neither in the next lane, nor on the side of the road - in any way), then you need to free the roadway, fixing the picture of the accident. It will become easier to fix the position of the car and the environment after an accident. Under the new rules, witnesses are not required, enough photos, videos, diagrams, etc.

The obligation to record the data of accident witnesses remains unchanged.

There will be more room for resolving road traffic accidents if no one was injured in the accident except for the "iron horses".

First, you need to assess whether cars are interfering with the movement of others. If the accident has to be bypassed, then the cars must be removed from the roadway. It is possible to fix the place of an accident by all available means, including photos and videos.

Secondly, you need to assess the "scale of the tragedy": the nature of the damage, who went where, who was to blame and what to do - to negotiate or argue.

With the option "to argue", we act in the old fashioned way. We write down the data of witnesses and call the police. The police also have a choice: they can arrive at the scene of the accident, or they can invite for registration at the post of the road patrol service or in the police unit.

If you decide to "negotiate", then it is not necessary to contact the police. There are three options for action, at the discretion of the parties:

1. Do not draw up documents on a road traffic accident. Agree among themselves who owes whom and how much, resolve the issue of compensation for damage on the spot.

2. Drive to the nearest road patrol post or to a police unit to register an accident.

3. Fill out the accident documents on your own, the so-called "europrotocol". The option works in case of an accident with two cars and if both drivers have an OSAGO policy (it is important to remember that the amount of the insurance payment will not exceed 50,000 rubles).

The new rules will make it possible to remove from police officers the obligation to register minor accidents. Why wait, waste time when you can solve everything on the spot and at the same time it is completely legal.

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