How To Fill Out A Bank Application Form

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How To Fill Out A Bank Application Form
How To Fill Out A Bank Application Form

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After the end of the financial crisis, the credit market began to grow again in Russia. Banks began to open new branches and recruit employees. This is a good opportunity for anyone looking to start a career in finance. But when applying for a job, in addition to diplomas and skills, the first impression of the HR manager plays a big role. Therefore, it is important to correctly fill out the questionnaire when submitting your candidacy for the position of a bank employee.

How to fill out a bank application form
How to fill out a bank application form

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - diploma or school leaving certificate;
  • - employment history.


Step 1

Get a form to fill out. In some cases, it can be obtained at the bank branch itself. Ask one of the employees if it is possible to fill out a questionnaire for employment. In other banks, you can only get a questionnaire for filling out at an interview, so you will have to make an appointment first. To do this, you need to send your resume indicating the desired vacancy to the HR department.

Step 2

After receiving the questionnaire, fill it out in accordance with the requirements. Indicate your last name, first name and patronymic, address, valid contact numbers, e-mail, passport data. In the information section on education, indicate the year of graduation from high school, diplomas of secondary special and higher education - the place and year of issue, the specialty received. If you have received an honors degree, do not forget to mark it. Also indicate in the questionnaire professional retraining and advanced training courses, if you took them.

Step 3

Complete the work experience section. Indicate the name of the company, its coordinates - address and phone number, your position in this organization, dates of work.

Step 4

If required, include the first and last names of your immediate family members - parents, siblings. This is necessary for security verification of your identity.

Step 5

In the section about your professional qualities, mark those skills and character traits that can help you when working in: learning ability, punctuality, responsibility, computer skills, etc.

Step 6

Do not forget to attach your photo to the application form. It must be in passport format.

Step 7

Send the completed application form by e-mail or personally hand it to the HR manager.

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