Is The Money Receipt Valid In Court

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Is The Money Receipt Valid In Court
Is The Money Receipt Valid In Court
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When lending money, be sure to take a receipt. If the payer turns out to be dishonest, will the money receipt be valid in court? How should you draw up a receipt so that the receipt of money on it is guaranteed?

Is the receipt valid in court
Is the receipt valid in court

A cash receipt is a document drawn up between two citizens stating that one has borrowed a certain amount of money from the other for a certain period. Notarization is not required if the amount of the debt does not exceed 10 times the minimum wage at the time of drawing up the document. If you lend up to 10 thousand rubles, you can do without a written assurance of the transfer of money altogether. An oral agreement with witnesses is enough.

What must be indicated in the receipt

The main thing is to correctly draw up this "agreement" for the transfer of funds, so that the court does not refuse to consider the case.

  • In the middle of the first line, write the title of the document "Receipt".
  • Indicate the city where the contract was concluded.
  • The person who borrows the money must write the receipt. Handwritten in 2 copies in clear handwriting. Strikethrough and blots will invalidate the document, please keep this in mind.
  • Full name, actual place of residence, registration address, series, passport number, by whom, when issued, subdivision code. The lender does not need to provide his passport details. Phone numbers of both parties to the contract.
  • The amount that is transferred must be indicated in numbers and in words.
  • It is imperative to stipulate the term of the contract, as well as the terms of return. The funds will be returned in parts or in whole. If the debt will be paid on a monthly basis, indicate on the receipt the date on which the payment should be made.
  • Specify penalties and cases in which the lender will claim the debt in court.
  • The signatures of the parties must be the same as in the passport.

Check carefully all the details on the receipt. It is best to make a photocopy of the borrower's passport. And fill out the receipt with a regular ballpoint pen.


What does notarization give

If the loan agreement is certified, the receipt will be attached to it. And in the case when the debtor does not fulfill his obligations, the collection of funds occurs not through the court, but through the bailiff service. You just go to them with a certified receipt and statement. Notarization does not give any more advantages. A handwritten receipt signed by both parties is already legally binding.

The notary acts as a guarantor that both parties are sane, and the money is transferred.

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