How To Get A Passport For A Soldier

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How To Get A Passport For A Soldier
How To Get A Passport For A Soldier

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Obtaining a foreign passport has become commonplace. Going to rest abroad is not so difficult now. At the present time, military men can also do this. The most important thing is to have an exit permit.

How to get a passport for a soldier
How to get a passport for a soldier


Step 1

The rules for traveling abroad are governed by the norms of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On the Procedure for Leaving the Russian Federation" No. 114-FZ dated August 15, 1996. Article 19 of this legislative act concerns the departure of officers of the Russian army from the territory of Russia. Study this law.

Step 2

Contact the Federal Security Service with a request, enclosing a certificate on the composition of the family, which can be taken from the passport office, a certificate of a citizen traveling abroad, as well as a conclusion on awareness of information that constitutes a military secret of the Russian Federation, a serviceman's registration card. In the request, indicate the reason why you want to go abroad, the period for which you will leave the Russian Federation. In case of obtaining permission from the security structure for your departure, you will be sent the corresponding document of the permitting plan.

Step 3

Apply with permission from the FSB to your command. Explain the reason for the need to obtain a foreign passport. Wait for the decision from the authorities. Remember, if you are privy to state or military secrets, you may be motivated to refuse to issue permits, both at the level of contacting the Federal Security Service and when contacting the command.

Step 4

Contact the company that won the tender for the issuance of foreign passports and the organization of recreation for servicemen this year, attaching a package of necessary documents, as well as two permits (issued by the FSB and the command), as well as a certificate that must be obtained from the command of the unit. In fact, this certificate will be the third authorization document for your travel abroad. All permits are valid for two months. At the same time, the law establishes the terms for consideration of documents of military personnel - up to one month.

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