How To Go To Russia With A Residence Permit

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How To Go To Russia With A Residence Permit
How To Go To Russia With A Residence Permit

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Citizens of foreign countries who wish to live and work in the Russian Federation, and at the same time not lose their current citizenship, have the opportunity to do this by leaving for Russia with a residence permit.

How to go to Russia with a residence permit
How to go to Russia with a residence permit


Step 1

Before drawing up the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation, you should decide on the place of residence on the territory of this country, since in order to obtain a residence permit you will have to indicate in the application the place of actual residence, confirmed by the relevant documents.

Step 2

Foreigners should check with the passport and visa service at their place of permanent residence in their home country which documents or passports must be in possession at the time of crossing the Russian border.

Step 3

When entering the territory of the Russian Federation, fill out a migration card, which should be kept, since this document will be required when applying for a temporary residence permit in Russia.

Step 4

Foreign citizens can obtain a residence permit in the Russian Federation only after one year of permanent residence on the basis of a temporary residence permit. Accordingly, before obtaining a residence permit, you should apply for this permit.

Step 5

To obtain a temporary residence permit, contact the migration service at your intended place of residence in Russia, and if you are abroad, then to the consular department of the Russian Federation. At the migration office, write in two copies in the prescribed form an application for temporary residence and be sure to attach a document confirming the actual place of your stay in Russia. In addition, along with the application, the following documents should be submitted: • passport; • birth certificate; • migration card; • document confirming the residence of a citizen of a foreign state outside the territory of his citizenship; • certificate of no criminal record; • four photographs; • certificate if necessary of marriage, birth certificates of children; • certificate of absence of HIV - infection; • receipt of payment of the state fee. Based on the results of consideration of the application, you will be issued a temporary residence permit.

Step 6

One year after the issuance of a temporary residence permit, you can apply for a residence permit. You should submit an application for a residence permit to the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of your actual residence on the territory of the Russian Federation. The following documents must be attached to the application: • a notarized copy of the passport; • a notarized copy of your birth certificate; • if necessary, notarized copies of the marriage and birth certificates of children; • four photographs; • certificate from the place of work; • certificate of registration at the place of residence; • certificate of income and absence of debts to the tax office; • certificate of the absence of HIV infection; • certificate from dermatovenerologic and tuberculosis dispensaries. Your application must be considered within six months from the date of submission, and based on the results of its consideration, you will receive a residence permit in the Russian Federation.

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