How To Make An ID

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How To Make An ID
How To Make An ID

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Statistics show that now every fifth inhabitant has some kind of certificate. It's either real or not. Despite the fact that some "crusts" do not mean anything, many of them help to resolve various issues with various organizations. How to make a certificate?

How to make an ID
How to make an ID


Step 1

The production technology of the ID is simple, despite the fact that it is quite difficult to forge a modern ID. You need to take a hard cover (the so-called crusts), a completed form, photographs, a hologram, laminator and glue. The form, depending on the organization and department that issues the certificate, must have several degrees of protection. As a rule, the degrees of protection are represented by watermarks and barely noticeable rough risks of different colors, printed on the form. The holograms are also tamper-proof. On the holograms of departmental institutions, you can see an image of an iridescent coat of arms or the name of a department (organization).

Step 2

Take the form and fill it out in the prescribed manner, i.e. type in your last name, first name, patronymic, department name and position. Forms are usually filled out on a typewriter or on a printer. If you are typing the details on the form using a typewriter, then make sure that the text does not slide off the line and is evenly centered. Otherwise, the form will have to be reprinted.

Step 3

Use your printer and computer to fill out the form. To avoid spoiling the original, first resize it to fit the printer. This can be done by first removing a copy of the form. Try to print the details on it first, and only then use the original. Gently tape the form onto the crusts.

Step 4

Glue the photo in the space provided for it. It is indicated by corners on the left spread of the form. Photos must be prepared in advance and have a strictly defined size corresponding to the size of the corners on the form. Stick the hologram in such a way that it captures both the letterhead and the photo at the same time. Further, the certificate is signed by the director of the organization or department. Sometimes this procedure is replaced by a cliché with the signature of the manager. Then the form is laminated. The certificate is ready and issued against signature.

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