How To Write A Complaint To The SES

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How To Write A Complaint To The SES
How To Write A Complaint To The SES

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You can write a complaint to the SES (Rospotrebnadzor) in written or electronic form. A prerequisite for considering an appeal is the indication of the name, contact details of the applicant, the absence of insults and threats in the text of the complaint.

How to write a complaint to the SES
How to write a complaint to the SES

A complaint to the SES (Rospotrebnadzor) can be filed by any person in relation to whom violations of consumer rights, sanitary and epidemiological standards, and legitimate interests have been committed. The complaint is submitted in writing or electronically. If necessary, you can use both of these methods, and to receive a response in electronic form, you must indicate your own e-mail address.

The form for filing an electronic complaint can be found on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor, for which you should follow the link "Send an appeal" located at the top of the main page. A written complaint should be sent by regular mail, and if it is necessary to have confirmation of its receipt, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

What should a complaint contain?

SES considers complaints and appeals in accordance with the general rules established for the administrative appeal of illegal actions, decisions. Mandatory requirements for considering a complaint is the indication of the full name, contact details of the person who is the applicant. In addition, it is forbidden to include threats, obscene expressions, insults in the complaint, in the presence of which the official has the right not to consider this appeal.

The address part of the complaint also indicates the central body of Rospotrebnadzor or the specific department to which it is sent. In the text of the complaint, it is necessary to clearly and stage by stage set out the circumstances in which the violation of the applicant's rights was committed, indicate the specific legal norms (for example, on the basis of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights") that were violated.

What can you ask for in a complaint?

Rospotrebnadzor has the authority to conduct its own inspections, and if it detects signs of crime, it sends the data to the appropriate authorities. In addition, the bodies and officials of this service can independently consider some cases of administrative offenses, bring the perpetrators to justice.

That is why the final part of the complaint usually contains requests to conduct an audit in relation to a specific organization, to prosecute for certain offenses. The complaint is signed by the applicant (except in cases of filing an electronic appeal), after which it is sent for consideration. The applicant is always notified of the results and decisions taken by sending a reply by regular mail or by e-mail.

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