How To Write A Complaint To An Employer

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How To Write A Complaint To An Employer
How To Write A Complaint To An Employer
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Almost every person at a certain stage of career development had problems with an employer. And if someone has this just personal hostility and misunderstanding, then in some cases the problems can be really serious - irregular working hours, non-payment of wages. You should not silently endure the situation and hope for the best. Write a complaint to the employer and state your requirements.

How to write a complaint to an employer
How to write a complaint to an employer


Step 1

Find like-minded people. The more dissatisfied you collect, the easier it will be to prove that your boss is wrong. In addition, it will be calmer for you: it is unlikely that the boss in a fit of anger will fire half of his team.

Step 2

In your complaint, describe in detail what does not suit you, what points of the labor code were violated by the employer, what your rights were violated. If you have any documents (employment contract, timesheet, vacation schedule, job description) confirming this, be sure to attach them to the claim.

Step 3

Describe what losses you have suffered because of the employer's violation of the rules. For example, due to a delay in wages, you could not pay off the loan for a car on time, or due to disruptions in the terms of your vacation, you lost your ticket to Thailand. Thus, you will be able to count not only on the payment of a legitimate salary, but also on compensation for your losses.

Step 4

Specify the time frame in which your grievance should be processed. For example, if the situation is not corrected within ten days, you will send a complaint to the labor inspectorate. After that, all employees in solidarity with you must put their signatures under the document.

Step 5

If the situation has not changed within the period of time specified by you, feel free to send a claim to the labor inspectorate. This can be done in person by handing the documents into the hands of the inspector (he will have to sign and the date when the documents were submitted on the second copy that will remain with you), as well as by sending a claim by registered mail. The Labor Inspectorate is obliged to consider your complaint within a month, send a commission to your office and take action if the claims are justified. Your boss could face a fine or jail time.

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