How To Get A Ukrainian Passport

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How To Get A Ukrainian Passport
How To Get A Ukrainian Passport

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A passport is a document that confirms the identity and citizenship of its owner. Every citizen of Ukraine must have his own passport. It is issued by the passport service only upon reaching the age of 16. This simple process can take a lot of time and effort if you do not know all the subtleties and nuances.

How to get a Ukrainian passport
How to get a Ukrainian passport

It is necessary

Two photos, birth certificate, money


Step 1

Go to the passport office. You need to check in advance the list of documents that are required to obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. Distinguish between a basic set of documents that everyone needs, and additional ones, if necessary.

Step 2

Basic documents: - birth certificate;

- two photographs (size 3, 5x4, 5 centimeters). The photographs that need to be submitted to the passport office for registration of a passport must be taken in one negative, without a headdress, with a face image only from the front. Make photographs on thin color or white photo paper without a corner. If you constantly wear glasses, then you need to take a picture in them.

Step 3

Additional documents: - a certificate of the person's return to Ukraine, or rather to a permanent place of residence. The passport must have an appropriate mark for traveling abroad, which is issued by employees of immigration and territorial bodies of citizenship; - passport of Ukraine, which is issued for traveling abroad - for those who lived abroad at their permanent place of residence; - certificate of belonging to Ukrainian citizenship; a certificate of release from places of punishment execution, if before the moment of conviction this person did not have a passport or it was not confiscated from him; - a certificate of registration, which is issued by a specialized institution that registers homeless citizens.

Step 4

Write a passport issuance form. The application must be completed only by you (the applicant), personally and necessarily by hand, in a clear handwriting, with full answers to the questions posed. It is prohibited to use abbreviations and abbreviations.

Step 5

Pay the fee. You need to provide a receipt for payment or a copy of it when submitting documents to the passport office.

Step 6

Get your passport. Within one month from the moment you submitted your application and all documents, you will receive a notification that your passport is ready.

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